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You can benefit from our long and close relationship with the taxi entrepreneurs of Berlin. Thanks to this relationships we are able to offer you customized fleets for your campaign.

The E-Classes and more new vehicles

The Mercedes Benz E-Class is probably one of the most luxurious car types being a taxi on the streets of Berlin. We are pleased to offer these and other new car types to carry your campaign.

The Bundestagsfleet

If the Bundestag calls only the best taxis will come. We are in close contact with this exclusive fleet and also market their advertising space.

The Hybrid vehicles

Anyone who promotes environmental friendliness in their company should also adhere to this with their advertising campaigns. Hybrid vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius Plus, are no longer a rarity in the taxi landscape of Berlin. We put together a pure hybrid fleet for your advertising campaign.

Selected districts

Taxis are coming around. However, many drivers have their “Kiez” (neighborhood) in which they feel comfortable and spend most of their time. We know these drivers and are happy to organize them for your very local advertising campaign.